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Your Random Backstory

Regional or National Origin: Albia

You were born in Albia, one of Gallinea's closest rivals and now closest ally.

Parentage: Midwife

Your mother or father was a midwife, providing medical care for the poor, especially women.

  • Question: Whose birth did you witness while assisting your parent?
  • First Social Rank: Commoner (D0)
  • Skills: Medicine (Treat +1), Magicks (Brew +1)
  • Gear: Peasant Outfit, Medicine (x2)
  • Passions: Friends (D6)
  • Style Maneuver: Reroll Medicine

Pivotal Event of Childhood: Child Prodigy

As a child you were recognized as a genius. You had far from a normal childhood as a result.

  • Question: Which important person was impressed by your skills?
  • Skills: Observation (Deduce +1)
  • Passions: Knowledge (D8)

Education: Royal Universities

You attended the royal universities in Lutetia, and received the finest formal education in the world.

Pivotal Event of Adulthood: Lost Love

Poets say that your one true love comes along once in a lifetime. You've found that joy – and had it taken away from you. Now you drown your sorrows in cheap wine.