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Your Random Backstory

Regional or National Origin: Lutetia

You were born in or near the capital of Gallinea. You know your way around the city streets, and you also received a decent education.

Parentage: Criminal

Your parents worked outside the law, perhaps as smugglers, thieves, or bandits.

  • Question: Who were the primary victims of your parents' crimes?
  • First Social Rank: Commoner (D0)
  • Skills: Interaction (Deceive +1), Streetwise (Conspire +1)
  • Gear: Knife, Peasant Outfit
  • Passions: Justice (D6)
  • Style Maneuver: Reroll Interaction

Pivotal Event of Childhood: You Never Forget Your First Love

Young love can be beautiful, and you'll never get that perfect person out of your thoughts – even if they maybe weren't so perfect after all.

  • Question: Why can you never be with your childhood sweetheart?
  • Skills: Interaction (Inspire +1)
  • Passions: Love (D8)

Education: Military Recruit

You may have joined voluntarily, or perhaps you were drafted during a war. In either case, you were taught how to fight and send out on the front lines.

  • Question: What promise did you make to your buddy who never made it back home?
  • Second Social Rank: Soldier (D6)
  • Skills: Dueling (Lunge +1), Defense (Block +2), Military (Aim +1)
  • Prowess: Sword, Pike, Musket, Steel Breastplate
  • Gear: Guard Uniform, Sword, Steel Breastplate
  • Passions: Loyalty (D10)
  • Style Maneuver: Maximize Block

Pivotal Event of Adulthood: Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

You're great at finding new lovers, but not so great at keeping them.