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Your Random Backstory

Regional or National Origin: Elissia

Not everyone in the West Ifran colony of Elissia is a convicted criminal or descendant of such. You might be, though.

Parentage: Retired Cavalier

Your parent was a member in good standing of the Queen's Cavaliers. They're retired now, possibly due to an injury (or just old age), but they still were able to teach you how to use a sword.

  • Question: What notable deed did your parent perform in the name of the Queen?
  • First Social Rank: Soldier (D6)
  • Language: Gallinean
  • Skills: Dueling (Lunge +1), Defense (Parry +1)
  • Prowess: Sword
  • Gear: Sword, Peasant Outfit
  • Passions: Loyalty (D6)
  • Style Maneuver: Reroll Dueling

Pivotal Event of Childhood: Teller of Tall Tales

Even as a child you were known to stretch the truth in order to tell the right story that others wanted to hear.

  • Question: What's the one thing you'd never lie about?
  • Skills: Interaction (Deceive +1)
  • Passions: Artistry (D8)

Education: Coven Initiate

You were trained in the ancient mysteries of witchcraft that predate even the Qartan Empire.

  • Question: Why did you have a falling out with another member of your coven?
  • Second Social Rank: Commoner (D0)
  • Skills: Magicks (Brew +1, Portents +2), Medicine (Treat +1)
  • Gear: Peasant Outfit, Divination Cards, Alchemical Supplies (x4), Medicine (x4)
  • Passions: Love (D10)
  • Style Maneuver: Maximize Portents

Pivotal Event of Adulthood: Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal

Someone you trusted stabbed you in the back the moment you turned your back on them. You can still feel the metaphorical (or literal) dagger between your shoulderblades.