The Queen's Cavaliers

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The Queen's Cavaliers
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Game Designer Caoimhe Ora Snow
Contributors Berin Kinsman, Sam Chupp
Artists Joanne Renaud, Eleanor Ferron, Nate McCoy, Sara Otterstaetter
Cartographer Robert Altbauer
Layout jim pinto
Project Management TL Frasqueri-Molina
Backer Wrangler Rachel Tolliver
Editor Kristine Chester
This article is about the roleplaying game. For the organization, see The Queen's Cavaliers (organization).

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The Queen's Cavaliers is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an alternate fantasy France, circa the early-to-mid 1600s. Inspired by the Three Musketeers and other swashbuckling stories, TQC's combat system is flexible and designed to be entertaining, with more options than simply doing damage from round to round. Want to swing on a chandelier to gain advantage over your foes, or recite an epic poem to build style points? These are all valid and effective strategies in TQC.

Mechanically, TQC uses a dice pool system based primarily on your three attributes: Verve, Affinity, and Guile. Skills and specialties grant you extra dice, as do weapons and tools. Charmwoven apparel is unique to the setting -- your clothes don't just make you look fashionable but also enhance your dice pools ... assuming you don't violate the Laws of Fashion and end up garishly attired.

Clockwork devices are also common in the setting, with mechanician characters able to build or even invent useful gadgets ranging from repeating crossbows to flying airships.

Your TQC character is built by combining together two classes to create a unique role; with over 20 classes, that gives hundreds of combinations such as Duelist/Virtuosa, Brigand/Chirurgeon, Charmweaver/Witch, or Mechanician/Visionary. These class pairings give you a structure that speeds character creation while allowing for creative combinations to express your character's uniqueness.


Playtests for The Queen's Cavaliers were held throughout southern California, including at the Strategicon conventions, at Game Empire Pasadena, at Clockwork Couture, at Comic Quest, and elsewhere. Hundreds of people playtested TQC and their feedback was essential in shaping the game!


The Queen's Cavaliers was successfully kickstarted in May and June 2014. A total of $19,131.35 was raised from 590 backers. The estimated delivery date was August 2015, but personal delays from some of the contributors have pushed the date back later. The new publishing schedule has not been announced yet.

Android Character Sheet App

The TQC Android Character Sheet is a template for the RPG Characters FREE app for Android that allows you to store and save a TQC character.

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