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Kingdom of Albia
Flag of Albia
Azure, a cross or
Leader Title King
Leader Name Edgar II
Capital Dunon
Official Language Albian
Major Religions Dualitarianism
Government Patriarchal Monarchy
Colors Azure, Or

Albia, Gallinea's neighbor to the north, has had various episodes of expansionism that has brought it to war with Gallinea on multiple occasions. The most recent war ended eight years ago after 20 years of conflict, and the peace treaty was cemented by the marriage of Princess Mariana to one of the Albian princes.

Albia is a patriarchal monarchy; the current ruler is King Edgar II, father of Crown Prince Edmund and Prince-Consort Carolus of Gallinea. Dualitarianism is the state religion of Albia.

Colonies of Albia have been settled on the Storm Islands of the Great Sea, as well as New Dunon in West Ifran.