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Each character is described by three Attributes that describe her basic strengths and weaknesses, as well as how she approaches life. Those Attributes are Verve, Affinity, and Guile, and they are rated either D6, D8, or D10.

A D10 in an Attribute indicates an high rating in that Attribute, while a D6 indicates a low score and D8 is average. During the character creation process, you get to choose one Attribute at D10, one at D8, and one at D6.


Your character's Verve score measures her youthful exuberance, her gusto and gumption, her joie de vivre. Characters with a high Verve are aggressive in combat and off the battlefield as well, and usually favor a direct, brute-force approach to solving problems. Skill specialties related to Verve include Brawl, Lunge, Parry, Inspire, and Perceive.


Affinity is your character's ability to grasp how the world operates, both people and objects. Affinity includes a degree of intuition and natural ability at skills; characters with high Affinity are often builders, healers, or preservers. Aim, Treat, Intuition, Society, and Cultivate are examples of Affinity skill specialties.


Your character's ability to think outside of the box is represented by her Guile: her cleverness, her ingenuity, her slyness, her brilliance. A character with high Guile often thinks in ways that bewilder or confuse others, and rarely favor the straightforward approach. The skill specialties Science, Prowl, Deduce, and Deceive are among those related to Guile.