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Years in Elara are measured from the abandonment of Qarta (Post Qarta), which dates to 1 PQ. Dates before 1 PQ are dated backwards with Before Qarta (BQ). A year without PQ/BQ notation is presumed to be PQ.


Months are named for the common weather in Lutetia during each month.

Number Month Name Birthstone Season
1 Pluviôse Garnet Winter
2 Ventôse Amethyst
3 Germinal Bloodstone Spring
4 Floréal Sapphire
5 Prairial Agate
6 Messidor Emerald Summer
7 Fervidor Onyx
8 Fructidor Carnelian
9 Vendémiaire Peridot Autumn
10 Brumaire Beryl
11 Frimaire Topaz
12 Nivôse Ruby Winter

The neighboring countries have their own days for the months in their own languages. For example, in Albian, the months are Rainous, Windous, Buddal, Floweral, Meadowal, Reapidor, Heatidor, Fruitidor, Vintagearious, Fogarious, Frostarious, and Snowous.

Each month has 30 days. Each year has 360 days.

Days of the Week

There are six days of the week in the Gallinean calendar. There are 5 weeks in every month.

Number Day Name
1 Moon Day
2 Second Day
3 Third Day
4 Fourth Day
5 Stars Day
6 Sun Day

Asrian worship services are held on Sun Day, which is usually a day off for most. Devrans worship the Desert Goddess on Moon Day, after the sun has gone down.

Monthly Calendar

Because there are five six-day weeks in every month, each month's calendar is the same. Thus, every full moon is on the 1st of the month and every new moon on the 16th.

Monthly Calendar
Moon Day Second Day Third Day Fourth Day Stars Day Sun Day Week Name
🌕 1 2 3 4 5 6 First Week
7 🌗 8 9 10 11 12 Second Week
13 14 15 🌑 16 17 18 Third Week
19 20 21 22 🌓 23 24 Fourth Week
25 26 27 28 29 30 Fifth Week

Current Date

The current date for a new campaign start is presumed to be 1 Messidor 1249 PQ unless otherwise specified.

Behind the Scenes

The names of months are based on the French Republican Calendar used from 1793 to 1805; it's anachronistic by a few centuries but it was too hard to pass up. Unlike the French Republican Calendar, Gallinea has six-day weeks instead of ten-day weeks, and has no need for leap days.