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Principality of Dragosa
Flag of Dragosa
Tierced per pale, gules, vert & azure
Leader Title Prince
Leader Name Aron Dragosa
Capital Volstok
Official Language Ekalian, Talanian, Varendish
Major Religions Asrian
Government Principality
Colors Gules, Vert, Azure

Dragosa is a country to the east of Gallinea and south of Talania.


Dragosa has three official languages -- Ekalian, Talanian, Varendish. Dragosans generally speak at least two of these languages and usually all three; there is no particular ethnic or ancestral attachment to anyone particular language; it's common to find Dragosans of Ekalian descent perfectly fluent in Varendish and Talanian, for example. Many conversations are held in a mix of all three languages, blending together terminology from different sources into a uniquely Dragosan argot.

Talanian Refugees

Former inhabitants of Talania, fleeing from the encroachment of the Shattering Frost, have flooded the northern and central parts of Dragosa. These immigrants are seen to threaten the multicultural nature of Dragosa by lack of fluency in Ekalian and Varendish, and as such are limited in what roles they can play in Dragosan society. With the inability to return to their ancestral homelands, the Talanian refugees are at risk of becoming a permanent lower class within Dragosa.