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Classification Monotheistic
Scripture Books of the Sun, Songs of the Desert Mother, Orwand's Revelation
Structure Hierarchy
Patriarch Roland Orde
Region Albia
Headquarters Dunon, Albia
Founder Dackin Orwand
Branched from Asrianism, Devranism

A uniquely Albian heresy developed in the last two centuries, holding that the Goddess-Empress and the Desert Mother are the same being. Dualitarians keep the hierarchical structure of the Asrian church while adopting the stern moralism of the Devrans. Dualitarianism is legal within Gallinea but is regarded with skepticism and often, outright hostility.

The Asrian scriptures, the Books of the Sun, and the Devran scriptures, Songs of the Desert Mother, are supplemented by a book written by Dackin Orwand, founder of Dualitarianism, called Orwand's Revelation. Revelation purports to describe the direct equivalence between Devran and Asrian beliefs while reinterpreting both to fit the theology of the Dualitarians. Dualitarians are sometimes scornfully called Orwandans by members of the Asrian faith, but no Dualitarian would ever apply that term to herself.

Dualitarians eschew symbology save for a simple horizontal cross-ordinary, symbolizing the convergence of the Asrian and Devran religions in a single faith.