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The Ekalian Republic
Flag of Ekalia
Celeste, a dodekahedron argent
Leader Title High Elector
Leader Name Andreos Grimani
Capital Thedis
Official Language Ekalian
Major Religions Dodekarianism
Government Democratic Republic
Colors Vert, Celeste

Ekalia is a group of islands to the southeast of Gallinea; Thedis is the largest city-state and center of trade for the region.

The civilizations of the Ekalian isles were old when the Qartan Empire conquered them, with a history dating back millennia. Ekalians have no queen or king, but instead choose Electors from among their citizens to form a ruling council, called the Plenum. From these, the High Elector is chosen to rule over the island country.

Each island of Ekalia is its own city-state, with economics and politics within each controlled by one or more powerful merchant families. Ekalia is renowned for its shipbuilding and trading prowess; Ekalia controls the Inner Sea like no other navy has since the Qartan Empire.