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Queendom of Gallinea
Flag of Gallinea
Quarterly gules & argent, four soleils-de-eserre counterchanged
Leader Title Queen
Leader Name Mariana II
Capital Lutetia
Official Language Gallinean
Major Religions Asrian
Government Matrilineal Monarchy
Population 26,500,000
Currency Sols
Symbol Pegasus
Colors Gules, Argent

Located in the middle of western Elara, Gallinea considers itself the heart of the world. With fertile farmlands throughout the Gallinean valley and abundant natural resources, the queendom of Gallinea has become a major power in recent centuries. Gallinea, like most of the continent of Elara, was once part of the ancient Qartan Empire.

Gallinea has a long history as a matriarchy, and in recent centuries has become known for its very egalitarian and inclusive views – a philosophy which has been tested since the former monarch, Queen Elisse, was assassinated. Her youngest daughter, now Queen Mariana, has tried to maintain her mother's policy of tolerance in the face of increasing clamor for a less open society.

Gender equality is usually a given in Gallinea, and freedom of religion is enforced by law – although only Asrianism is broadly accepted. Heterosexuality is the norm, but pansexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality are all embraced and supported by society. Gallinean inheritance passes along a matrilineal path, so most heads of noble families are female. The symbol of Gallinea is the pegasus.


Gallinea has a total population of 26.5 million. About 10% of Gallinea's population lives in a city; the rest of the population is rural.

City Population Province Type Region
Lutetia 550,000 Royal Coeur de Gallinea
Valerienne 200,000 Duchy The Jeweled Coast
Scanbreille 150,000 Duchy Scanbria
Rhodope 125,000 Duchy The Jeweled Coast
Berylle 100,000 Duchy The Jeweled Coast
Montambre 90,000 Marquessate The Jeweled Coast
Persolei 85,000 Marquessate The Jeweled Coast
Verterre 75,000 Marquessate The Lowlands
Touriel 70,000 County Coeur de Gallinea
Affûtaine 60,000 County Scanbria
Castenia 60,000 County Coeur de Gallinea
Guéve 55,000 County Coeur de Gallinea
Boussole 55,000 County The Lowlands
Sudelune 50,000 County The Lowlands
Canard-Noir 50,000 County The Jeweled Coast