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Guile Specialty

Time 4 Hours
Opposition Standard Opposition
Include Workshop Die
Spend 1 Creation Point
Draw Plans
Gain 1 Style Point

The Invent specialty is used to create new clockwork items, or plans for the same.

Standard Opposition: Use Easy (3D6) if you're in a workshop, or Hard (3D10) if you're not.

Spend 1 Creation Point: You build a prototype of the device you wish to create. Each function (or die) of the device requires the expenditure of 1 Creation Point worth of Clockwork Gears.

Draw Plans: You create a set of plans for creating the device you're working on. These plans give a D6 bonus on your subsequent Invent rolls to create the object itself. The bonus increases by one die size for every two Success Points you spend. The maximum bonus provided by your plans is limited by your Invent specialty ranks:

Invent Ranks Maximum Die
+1 D6
+2 D8
+3 D10
+4 D12
+5 D12

Gain 1 Style Point: You gain one Style Point; you must describe how you use the Specialty with style, and you can only have a maximum of three Style Points at any time.