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Type Capital City
Population 550,000
Continent Elara
Country Gallinea
Region Coeur de Gallinea
Major Roads Rue du Coeur, Rue de la Rivière, Rue de Scanbria, Rue du Sud
Riverport on Luisante River
Leader(s) Lusienne Castenia
Government Appointed Lady-Mayorship
Language(s) Gallinean (language)
Religion(s) Asrian
Notable Locations Royal Palace of Lutetia, Universities of Lutetia, Grand Cathedral of the Sun, Gallinean Library, The Citadel

The capital of Gallinea, Lutetia is built upon a lake island and surrounded by 16 huge bridges that reach out to the farmlands and estates that circle the city.

Lutetia is known for its majestic architecture as well as its green parks. Landmarks include the Royal Palace, the Universities of Lutetia, the Grand Cathedral, and the Gallinean Library.


Lady-Mayor Lusienne Castenia, the countess of Castenia, is the current lady-mayor of Lutetia, and is renowned as much for her lavish formal parties as her political scheming.