Books of the Sun

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The Books of the Sun are a collection of Asrian holy writings penned between 1400 BQ and 300 BQ, centered on the teachings of the goddess Ashra. The Books are written in Old Qartan. The Nine Precepts are central passages in the Books.

The Nine Precepts

Asrianism is centered around nine principles, purportedly laid down by the goddess Ashra, known as the Nine Precepts.

The Precepts are traditionally divided into three groups: The Three Professions, The Three Directives, and The Three Prohibitions.

The Three Professions

1. There is one Sun in the sky, source of light and life.

2. Light, life, and love are the Sun's gifts to us.

3. We are all of us children of the Sun.

The Three Directives

4. Freely partake of only that which has been given to you.

5. Repay kindess three times, and harm but once.

6. Truth endures forever while falsehoods wither in the light.

The Three Prohibitions

7. Let no man be superior to a woman.

8. Let no one own another person.

9. Let no one kill except to sustain life.

The Books in Other Faiths

The Books are also considered holy scripture by Dualitarianists, alongside the Songs of the Desert Mother, and Orwand's Revelation.