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Holy Monarchy of Ondala
Flag of Ondala
Sanguine, on a pale or a soleil-de-eserre sanguine
Leader Title Queen
Leader Name Ximena IV
Capital Diega (officially), Cordera (de facto)
Official Language Ondalese, Old Qartan (scholarly)
Major Religions Asrian
Government Matrilineal Monarchy
Colors Sanguine, Or

The island nation of Ondala lies off the southwest coast of Gallinea, across the Ondalan Channel. Ondala was originally settled by the old Qartan Empire, and the Ondalans view themselves as the true inheritors of the Qartan golden age.

The city of Cordera is the head of worship of the Goddess-Empress Asria (also known as Ashra and Eserre), and home to the Matriarch, the leader of the church hierarchy. Faithful Chaplains from all of Elara come to Cordera to train in the Holy College before returning to their home countries for ministry. Other religions are officially banned within Ondala.

Over the years, Ondala has been at war with Gallinea, Ekalia, and Albia, but is currently in a time of relative peace with its neighbors. Most conflicts arise over their aggressive colony, New Cordera, in West Ifran and its conflicts with its neighbors.

Like Gallinea, Ondala is a matriarchy; Queen Ximena IV has held the throne for nearly 40 years, and has been known for her many liaisons with young women and men of the court. Her power is limited by the edicts of the Church under the direction of the current Matriarch, Isabine de la Justicia.