Robert Altbauer

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Robert Altbauer

Robert Altbauer is a professional cartographer, living in Salzburg, Austria. He is a life-long addict of science fiction, alternate history and fantasy, and became a cartographer in 2010, when a stroke of genius hit him and he decided to buy a graphic tablet. Although he had drawn and painted as child, this talent was nearly forgotten over college and university, when he had to learn for his law study and had no time for drawing. Luckily, he rediscovered his skills and started to draw maps. His portfolio contains continental, regional, city and dungeon maps in every setting you can think of, together with coat-of-arms and flag and even small illustrations here and there. He made numerous maps for RPG publishers, novels, PC and tablet games and even TV.

Robert is the cartographer for The Queen's Cavaliers and Wandering Monsters High School.