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The Talanian Empire
Flag of Talania
Sable, a saltire gules
Leader Name Various claimants to the throne
Capital None, formerly Zamorov
Official Language Talanian
Major Religions Asrian
Government Monarchy (in exile)
Colors Sable, Gules

Today, thanks to the Shattering Frost, Talania is a mostly uninhabited land, full of towns that were abandoned, some overnight, when the cold became too much to bear. Talanian culture survives in the form of isolated pockets of refugees living throughout the warmer parts of Elara, including many in Gallinea.

Talania was known for its intricate clockworks as well as the ability to live off the land, until the land turned against them.

Talanian Refugees

Many former inhabitants of Talania have found refuge in Dragosa, Gallinea, and Albia. Talanians fleeing into Varendia, on the other hand, were turned away at gunpoint by the Varendish armies.

Most larger towns contain at least one “New Zamorov” district where Talanian is spoken in addition to the native language of the region.

Dragosa contains the largest number of Talanian refugees. Sizable numbers are also found in Valerienne and Lutetia in Gallinea.