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Flag of Varendia
Chequy tenne & vert
Leader Title High Queen or High King
Leader Name None at present
Capital Medtken (traditionally)
Official Language Varendish
Major Religions Asrian
Government Disunited Feudal States
Colors Tenne, Vert

Varendia is a mountainous region northeast of Gallinea, across the Lendine Mountains.

The people of Varendia originated in the northeast of Elara, in the frozen wastes now known as Talania. Varendia is a patchwork of small kingdoms and duchies who rarely manage to work together on much of anything, as they are busy jockeying for power and wealth in internal struggles.

Varendia has fought several wars with its neighbors Gallinea and Albia; the coastal region of Albingia in Varendia remains a flashpoint of conflict, although it is currently under Varendish rule.